Flip Sequin Proposal Pillow with succulent print, Bridesmaid proposal for flower girl, maid of honor


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Such a cool proposal! Your bridesmaid, flower girl or maid of honor will get this pillow case (or pillow if you chose to have a pillow insert) shipped with the gold or rose gold side out. As she rubs her hand over the sequins the secret message proposal will be revealed. This will be the most memorable proposal and a beautiful keepsake.

Your pillow case is personalized with a name and title (bridesmaid, flower girl, maid of honor etc.) Please put the name and title you would like on your pillow in the notes to seller at checkout.

These pillow cases can be customized to meet your design, style, theme or language. Please just put your request in the note to seller box at checkout.

16"x16" Pillow case
Front side is a reversible sequin material
Back side is blank

Congratulations on the big day! I'm so excited for you and so happy that you have found the one and hope your day is as special as you are.

Thank you for visiting The Native Bride!

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